SPAromdee is 4yrs old.

SPAromdee is 4yrs old.

On the 1st August 2011 exactly four years ago, both myself and Wasu erected a large banner over the front of the spa saying Grand Opening and all that first week we were offering 50% off.

We opened a massage and spa amongst a dozen around us and I think many people predicted we wouldn’t even last 6 months, and that I was too idealistic to cope with everyday business life.

Fortunately, these people were wrong. But it was not me who proved them wrong; not me alone, anyway. There was Wasu, my wife. Front of house she is perfect; as a people person she is perfect, as a negotiator she is perfect. Without her I really doubt we would still be here.

But to be honest we have been exceptionally lucky also. The first year our customers were mainly Thais, Japanese and Koreans but then 3 years ago the Chinese came, and they came, and they came; not in couples but in teams of 4,5,6,7.

I would love to sit here and say all our success has been because we did this and that and yes we have worked very hard but it is a bit easier when a group comes through the door.

We have now surpassed 6000 customers, and become quite well established with several websites, tour agents and that we can be very proud of. It means we have managed to establish ourselves in this very competitive  sector.

Lets celebrate together. For 4 days from 1st-4th August we are offering the following special discounts on any of our SPAromdee packages.


Visit alone we will discount you 15%

Visit as a couple we will discount you 20%

Visit as a trio we will discount you 25%

Visit as 4 persons or more we will discount you 30%


Please reserve your place in advance and book now on 085-712-6872 or 053-215-290 or via our website at  existing promotions do not apply.