SPAromdee Quality Products

“Our Quality Products”

At SPAromdee with pride ourselves on using products that are totally natural and chemical free. Does this make the quality high? Well yes of course it does. Everything we use is biodegradable so you can be assured that you are using a product that is  eco friendly and “safe to our planet”  Can you say that about “so called” high quality cosmetics?

We believe that attractive high quality products enhance customer satisfaction and make your experience all the more enjoyable.

Oil Massages

All our massage oils are 100% natural and perfect for every type of skin. They are the highest quality and are quickly absorbed and leave no greasy feeling after use. We use a  a perfect blend of sweet almond oil, rice bran, jojoba oil and vitamin E. This creates a highly spreadable massage oil. Enriched with moisturiser, it also promotes a soft and smooth skin.

The aromas in the oils are created from plant extracts so you can enjoy the well being of natural essence. This is what differentiates our spa from the rest. And this is why our slogan is “At SPAromdee service and quality does not come at a price”

Our different blends are created with lavender, ylang ylang, rosemary, lemongrass, eucalyptus, geranium and kaffir lime….you will not find the same match anywhere.

 Thai herbal ball

This is a deep tissue Thai massage applied to the muscles and the specific Chakra points of the body. Our herbal balls are locally made by different sources and do vary in specific ingredients but  generally they consist of ginger; tamarind; lemongrass; kaffir lime; sweet sage and basil; turmeric, camphor and cumin all wrapped up in a muslin ball.

Enjoy a soothing of sore muscles; deeper relaxation, and increased blood supply to your muscles and skin.

Herbal Facials

Healthy radiant young looking skin is the envy of many, so why not reward your face with our herbal facial. Unique to SPAromee, enriched with natural essences and pure natural extract, it promotes healthy well toned skin.

Every facial uses ground thai rice, tamarind juice, honey, lemon, thai mud, soya bean powder and natural yoghurt to cleanse and rehydrate the skin.

Take years off your face and feel your inner light shine through again…..allow your skin to be rejuvenated and nourished, brighter and smoother than ever.

 Enjoy your visit to SPAromdee, certified for the 3rd year running in achieving the Health Authority standards on hygiene, products and safety.

And remember “feel better…look better” or “look better….feel better” Up to you.